In Week 11’s Learning Path, we learnt about Beauchamp and how he identified a series of stages teachers progress through demonstrating skills during the use of IWBs.  We were asked to consider how these series of stages compares to the SAMR Model.  Whilst reading through the details of each of these stages outlined by Beauchamp I could recognise the connection to the SAMR Model.  

  • Black/whiteboard substitute

This skill corresponds with the Substitution stage of the SAMR Model and sees the teacher using the whiteboard much like a regular blackboard or whiteboard, with basic skills including writing on the board, limited use of files with the teacher using the resource.

  • Apprentice user

The teacher introduces new software and encourages students to begin using the board, however is usually used in teaching of only core subjects.  I believe the Apprentice user is operating between the stages of Substitution and Augmentation as users are beginning to include more functions in the use of the IWB, but have not yet expanded to using the full resources available or spread this use out over multiple subject areas. 

  • Initiate user

Use of a wider range of programs and effects as well as using multiple files and external resources in a range of subject areas.  Students are beginning to select tools to input to the IWB.  This inclusion of more functions demonstrates the Augmentation stage of SAMR.

  • Advanced user

Use of a range of additional devices – videos, hyperlinks, imported images, etc.  Frequent and unplanned use of the IWB by students. As advanced users, there is significant redesign occurring indicating the Modification stage of the SAMR Model.

  • Synergistic user

Both teachers and students demonstrate a high level of competence with the technology, construct meaning and dictate the direction of the lessons.  I believe this stage corresponds with the Redefinition stage of the SAMR Model.



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